Heurist’s May Highlights

4 min readJun 2, 2024


May 2024 is the second month of Heurist testnet. Let’s take a moment to reflect on our achievements and the progress we’ve made.

The first LoRA deployment: Magus Devon

LoRA stands for “Low-Rank Adapation”. It’s a technique for fine-tuning generative AI models. In the domain of Stable Diffusion, LoRA models are like add-ons to checkpoint models that can create pictures of specific styles, characters, or concepts.

Madotsuki.eth (X: @MagusDevon) is the creator of MagusDevon model. As a community manager of @RuniverseGame and an experienced AI trainer, Madotsuki brings Magus Devon, a quantum witch in Forgotten Runes who masters the power of enchanted mushrooms, into LoRA models capturing the unique look, personality, and magical abilities of the character.

This marks a game changer of NFT IP x Web3 AI. With the infrastructure provided by heurist, creators will be able to freely reproduce and monetize IP of their own powered by decentralized AI. This is no buzzword but already live in production. You can try out at https://imagine.heurist.ai/models/MagusDevon-madotsuki.eth

Magus Devon

Ambassador Program

We launched Ambassador Program, an initiative designed to foster the growth of our crypto-native community and promoting open-source AI. We’ve received more than 200 applications and accepted more than 20 ambassadors around the world, with a focus on these areas: social media marketing, content creation, localization, development and governance.

To celebrate the program, Our ambassador Alex Monroe created a commemorative NFT for ambassadors who participated in the AI art creation event. The event is ongoing and this NFT will be minted after the event concludes.

Season 1 Commemorative NFT for participating ambassadors

Authenticated Mining

We introduced an authentication system to our mining software. Miners must create an identity wallet to authenticate the job submissions. The binding between the identity wallet and the reward wallet which receives points will be established onchain, in the form of a SBT smart contract. This prevents manipulation of miner’s data.

To learn more about this update, read https://x.com/heurist_ai/status/1790600889675169897. You can find more mining tutorials at https://docs.heurist.ai/guides/miner-guide#community-made-guide

Anti-cheat System

We’ve designed and implemented a system that can detect cheating behaviors including (1) generating images with fewer inference steps to gain an unfair advantage in the job submission latency (2) generating texts from a preset of responses instead of using GPU to compute.

Around 300 miner addresses were found cheating. These addresses will be excluded from the incentivized testnet airdrop. Read more: https://heuristai.medium.com/heurist-sybil-analysis-season-1-1143f4249b12

This anti-cheat system paves the path for us towards a full-fleged validator system. We are actively building the validator infrastructure and developing algorithms to verify the correctness of LLM inference. We will share more updates in the next few weeks.

AMAs and Interviews

We had a Twitter Space AMA with Doug Keeney, CMO at Exabits where we discussed how Web3 can help improve data transparency and reduce bias in AI. Read the recap here: https://medium.com/@hotelchef12/summary-heurist-ama-by-exabits-8th-may-2024-d9ac9188d103

We also had a Discord AMA answering community questions regarding the ambassador program, incentivized testnet updates, NFT giveaway plans and the TGE in Q3. Read the recap here: https://medium.com/@hotelchef12/16-may-2024-ama-summary-5fb5229f9fbe

GonesisAI (an AI + DePIN protocol incubated by NFT Go) published an interview of Heurist in its AI & DePIN series: https://x.com/GonesisAI/status/1795431308883267628 where we covered topics including the roles of DePIN in building Web3-native AI dApps, the challenges of decentralized AI systems, and Heurist’s unique approach to building a Web3 AI ecosystem and community.

We strive to promote maximum transparency in our project development roadmap and community building. We’ll continue to have more AMA events to keep our community updated, and gives an opportunity to everyone to ask questions.


It’s been a tremendous journey of May 2024. Heurist is committed to building decentralized AI with d/acc ethos and a community-first approach. Please follow our social channels to keep updated.

Website: https://www.heurist.ai

Twitter / X: https://twitter.com/heurist_ai

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/heuristai




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